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Sell smarter.
Lead the market.

Whether you aim to optimize business performance, gain market data ownership, or enable proactive steering, Assabil has the tools and features that can turn these objectives into reality.

Sales Efficiency
and Productivity


Minimize travel time and increase the number of customer visits, optimizing the sales representatives’ schedules.


Streamline inventory management and delivery processes, ensuring products are available when and where they are needed.


Enable seamless communication and teamwork among sales reps and managers, leading to quicker response times and improved efficiency.

Data-Driven Decision Making

& Analysis

Access comprehensive sales data and analytics, empowering sales teams and managers to make informed decisions.

Sales Monitoring
& Forecasting

Track real-time sales performance and forecast future trends, allowing proactive actions to boost sales.

Streamlined Operations


Efficiently allocate territories among sales reps, ensuring optimal coverage and accountability.

Data Integration
& Syncing

Centralize customer data and synchronize stock lists, reducing errors and ensuring consistent information across the organization.

Enhanced Customer Management


Access comprehensive customer information, leading to personalized and targeted sales strategies.


Implement loyalty programs and track customer loyalty, fostering long-term relationships and repeat business.

Goal Achievement and Performance Tracking

Goal Setting
& Tracking

Set clear sales targets and track progress, motivating sales reps and promoting goal achievement.


Visualize key sales metrics and KPIs, enabling sales reps and managers to monitor performance effectively.

A solution driven by partnership

Our dedicated experts are always by your side, ready to cater to your unique needs. We offer hands-on guidance and seamless implementation, ensuring the solution perfectly adapts to your business. It’s not just a one-time transaction for us, we aim to build lasting relationship.

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Is Assabil available on both iOS and Android platforms?

Assabil offers two powerful solutions tailored to meet different needs. For the Sales Force Automation Mobile App, it is available on the Android platform. Additionally, for the Modern Trade App, it is available on both Android and iOS platforms. So, whether your sales team uses Android or iOS devices, Assabil has you covered with a seamless experience.

Do Assabil’s mobile applications allow salespeople to work offline?

Yes, Assabil’s mobile applications empower your sales force with the ability to work both online and offline. Our solution ensures that your sales team can continue their activities even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and data synchronization once they are back online.

Does Assabil provide both web and mobile solutions?

Yes, Assabil offers the best of both worlds! We provide comprehensive web and mobile solutions to cater to your business requirements. Our web solution offers powerful management and analytics tools, while our mobile application empowers your sales team with on-the-go access to essential data and functionalities.

Is Assabil available internationally?

Assabil is a globally recognized Sales Force Automation solution. With its extensive reach, it has successfully served clients around the globe, making a positive impact on their sales force efficiency and business growth. Regardless of your location, Assabil is ready to empower your sales team and help you achieve remarkable results in your sales operations.

In which languages is the Assabil app available?

The Assabil app currently supports multiple languages, and we are continually adding new language options through easy configurations. We aim to cater to diverse markets and ensure that language is never a barrier to utilizing our cutting-edge solution.

Is Assabil regularly updated with the latest advancements?

Yes, Assabil undergoes major updates every 4-5 years to incorporate the latest advancements in sales force automation. These updates bring cutting-edge functionalities, ensuring that your sales team remains equipped with the most advanced tools to thrive in the market. With Assabil, you stay ahead of the curve, maximizing productivity and success.