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Assabil Solution, Built For Mobility

Sales Geographical Monitoring

Monitor in real time your field sales and presales.

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With Assabil solution, you can easily monitor in real time your retail network, and plan and track your sales visits according to your geographical presence. It also optimizes sales and presales itineraries, and gives you live activity dashboards that help you improve your sales force efficiency.

Thanks to Assabil solution, your sales and presales representatives capture their field achievements and follow up their visit planning and their activity checklist. That allows the solution to aggregate real-time data in order to give overall and detailed information, which can assist you in your decision-making processes.

Assabil solution’s back-office allows you to configure the geographical positioning of your customers’ points of sales, and set up your retail network on a custom map or a public one. Combined to the Sales and Presales Management Module, it helps you manage and dispatch delivery orders, and optimizes the delivery route plans according to the relevant points of sales.

Thanks to its geographical features, Assabil solution’s Sales Geographical Monitoring Module improves your delivery processes, reduces your costs, and increases your sales force efficiency.

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