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Assabil Solution, Built For Mobility

Point of Sale Merchandising

Monitor and optimize your products distribution and placement.

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With Assabil solution, you are able to streamline your in-store merchandising processes, and ensure that your visual presence and presentation standards are met all the time. It also increases the efficiency of your field merchandisers, and allows them to enforce in real time your marketing directives.

Thanks to Assabil solution, your field teams can easily verify the placement of your products in each point of sale, and collect and capture the shop inventory. It lets them as well check the product facing compliance with your merchandising strategy, and also audit the in-store promotional displays.

Assabil solution’s back-office includes creation and configuration of planograms, and setup of product facing and shelves placement. It provides as well a specific tool to manage points of sale’s display items. It also allows you to monitor each outlet’s inventory, and generates replenishment alerts when stocks reach preset thresholds.

Thanks to its design and features, Assabil solution’s Merchandising Module gives you a detailed snapshot of merchandising activities in your retail network, and helps you achieve your marketing objectives.

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