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Assabil Solution, Built For Mobility

Mobile Sales and Presales Management

Improve and automate your field sales and presales activities.

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With Assabil solution, you can manage seamlessly your mobile sales and presales processes, reduce your costs, and increase your sales revenue. It also provides detailed sales dashboards in order to enhance your productivity, and monitors in real time your sales objectives.

Thanks to Assabil solution, you can manage merchandise loading and unloading as well as delivery trucks’ inventory. It also implements delivery orders management and dispatching, and optimizes the delivery route plans according to the relevant points of sales. On field, your sales representatives are able to take customers’ orders and handle billing and cash collection.

Assabil solution’s back-office includes price lists and promotions management, as well as a state-of-the-art loyalty module. It also generates sales and presales routes according to the delivery plans that you configure, and allows you to set sales and presales goals for each point of sale and each sales or presales route.

Thanks to its business-oriented features, Assabil solution’s Mobile Sales and Presales Management Module improves your field processes and increases your competitiveness.

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