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Assabil Solution, Built For Mobility

Asset Management

Keep track of your in-store equipments and their usage.

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With Assabil solution, you can manage and monitor the equipments that you place in your retail network. It also allows you to manage your equipments lifecycle, and provides you in real time with comprehensive information on their utilization.

Assabil solution lets your sales representatives check on field your equipments usage against your marketing requirements, and compare as well the in-store placement of your products to the associated planograms, thanks to the Point of Sale Merchandising Module’s capabilities.

Assabil solution’s back-office allows you to identify your equipments and generate their barcodes, and also assign those equipments to your customers’ points of sales. You are also able to track their movements between your central warehouse and your regional depots, as well as between your regional depots and your customers’ points of sales. Besides, you can manage your customers’ claims and support the installed equipments in association with the Customer Care Module.

Thanks to its features, Assabil solution’s Asset Management Module monitors your equipment base and optimizes their usage at your customers’ premises.

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